English Language Communications Consultancy

“EditEnglish.Asia….understand the cultural differences across various types of audience”

Admissions Editing

admissions editing
  • Resumes
  • Essays
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Statements of Purpose

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Academic Editing

academic editing
  • Theses and Dissertations
  • Academic Papers for Publication

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Business Editing

business editing
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Emails
  • Reports

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The works that David performed have great quality. He knows drawbacks that Taiwanese commonly share in terms of English writing, and can guide them in a clear way. Beyond that, he understand the cultural differences across various types of audience. This makes his work add more value comparing to any other editor that I have ever work with.
Jeff Shih-Han Wu, Vice President, Investment Banking Division at Morgan Stanley
David is an excellent English language editor, specialized in helping Chinese speakers create professional documents. David is a true editor, in that in addition to improving grammar and word usage, he works to understand, refine and clarify the structure and content of the document.
Alex Grove, Head of Special Situations at BAWAG
David can always provide work timely with tailored-made editing and insight for my clients. Though his work, my clients’ essays are camera-ready and demonstrate professionalism.
Sean Lin, Marketing Director at Pfizer
I have had the pleasure of knowing David for almost four years. During the years of our acquaintance, I have known David in many capacities.
As an English Language Consult, David devoted much time to developing an outstanding program in our department, including one-on-one program and group program. His class is fresh and inspiring, you will see why once you have the chance to talk to him.
As a Professional Editor, David has provided remarkable assistance in our works. I never delivered my marketing materials and formal reports without his review.
David has demonstrated in our workplace that he is indeed a great addition. I wish David much success in all endeavors.
Louis Liou, Associate Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers
David equips with great business English knowledge and excellent guiding skills. To work with him, I not only acquired extensive professional language assistance but was inspired by his energetic personality and out-of-box thinking. It was a very nice experience to cooperate with him and to achieve work goals through his professional help. I believe he will keep making great contributions to any client or company he is gonna work for down the road.
Ethan Tsai, Sales Manager, Deutsche Bank AG
David was an extremely respected and well-liked instructor and colleague. His care for his clients, knowledge and expertise in the field of language and skill-based communication training are exceptional. These qualities enabled David to act as both reference and advisor to peers and management.
Jan Goedvolk, Director of Academic Programs at Hult International Business School
David was my English writing and communication teacher for over a year. David was able to teach people in different level of English and constantly stimulated students in a very inspiring way. He is one of the best English teachers I have. He is professionally at English writing, editing, and teacher. Besides his professional ability, he is very easy to work with and…
Tina Chu, Strategy and business development professional in mobile internet space